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Dropped Object Hazard (DOH) Prevention / DROPS

Despite rig utilization is almost half of what it has been in recent years. there are still hundreds of rigs drilling throughout the US, Canada and elsewhere. The numbers may be down but for those rigs and their crews that are still active, the work goes on. And so do the requirements for safe working environments.

IRIIS’s DROPS program is one way to ensure there isn’t costly down time due to injury or damaged equipment caused by dropped objects, improperly secured overhead items or worn / missing retention systems.

IRIIS has tailored the program to be sensitive to the economic realities the industry is facing and can provide you with a plan that safeguards your assets as well as your budget.

Using industry standard practices for dropped objects prevention, we provide inspection services, train rig personnel and can assist you in creating a custom solution for your specific needs.

Training can be provided at our training facility or on site to teach your rig personnel the basics of DROPS as well as fall prevention and self rescue techniques. The "look from the ladder" DROPS that is conducted on a tour basis oft times misses potential hazards, not because the person doing the hazard sweep is neglecting their job. It is usually a matter of knowledge and experience. We can teach new techniques to the experienced personnel conducting inspections and give the inexperienced personnel the confidence and tools to conduct an effective hazard inspection.

We developed a software application for collection and reporting of DROPS inspections. The application was developed in house and provides accurate detailed reports. The DROPS Advisor uses an iDevice to collect information and complete the final detailed report and a failure report.

The screenshots below are of the actual software developed by our team. For samples of reports or to learn more about our inspection services please use the contact page and give us a call or send an email and we will be more than happy to assist you.
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