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IRIIS Marine Services

Services IRIIS currently provides to it’s Marine and Offshore clientele:
    • Regulatory documentation review
    • Maintenance System and Equipment Review
    • Complete inspection services of all floating installations (construction, support, exploration and production)
    • Personnel assessment (not limited to DP Personnel but all personnel on the asset)
    • OVID inspections with Certified OVID inspectors
    • Pre-hire vetting of MSV’s to ensure compliance with regulatory standards, contractual obligation and any other specific client needs . Example: Speed test, deck space survey, cargo handling personnel review, training and crew experience assessment.
    • ASOG Creation and training designed to assist the owner/operator and the client in creation of Activity Specific Operating Guidelines as outlined in the MTS Guidance and Federal Register Notices.
DP Standards that align with MTS and United States Coast Guard rule making:
    IRIIS has been a major contributor to the MTS guidance being used by the U.S. Coast Guard as its model for legislation.

    IRIIS personnel created the Personnel Assessment portions of the MTS guidance called MDAT™ (Mapping Delivery Ability Tool) in its entirety. The MDAT process and materials are the property of IRIIS, LLC.

    MDAT was created using industry standard assessment tools from multiple sources to fill gaps in each and provide a structure not only for assessment, but for training and advancement. We teach this process to all personnel interacting with DP operations. Training is targeted to personnel in the office that may require basic information, to the highest level of operations on the vessel itself. We provide a communication process to help level the field.

    Our DP Services parallel the MTS Guidance and Federal Register Notice recommendations for operation in the US OCS. We assess all Dynamic Positioning Vessels, operations and personnel to the complete standards set forth in this guidance.

    Our goal for each project is to increase the awareness aboard all vessels attended and emphasize its good practices and recommendations.

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