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IRIIS Express Inspections

In recognition of the challenges and budgetary factors facing the Oil and Gas industry, IRIIS LLC has implemented a new Inspection option called IRIIS EXPRESS.

No one needs to be reminded of all the qualified personnel now sidelined, and all the stacked rigs dotting the landscaped and moored inoperable.

With fewer qualified drilling personnel in the field and pressures on contractors to contain costs, the risk of equipment breakdown, safety issues and subsequent downtime is increased. With budgets strained, NPT (non-productive time) becomes an additional costly expense. This is a new era.

IRIIS offers the industry`s best technically qualified, experienced Inspection disciplines. Our clients include operators and contractors for onshore and offshore Drilling and Service Rigs, including Land Rigs, Snubbing Units, Jack-Ups, Semi-Submersibles and Drillships, as well as Production Facilities.

IRIIS EXPRESS is designed to recognize the budget restraints of our clients and others in the industry. This type service focuses only on Critical Components and Safety Issues that are most likely to result in costly downtime. The IRIIS EXPRESS Inspection can be completed in about half the time of a regular inspection. In tandem with IRIIS`s recently announced rate structure, IRIIS EXPRESS is proving to be the most cost effective Rig Inspection option in the industry today, globally.

While we continue to provide full Commissioning and Condition Inspections, we are partnering with clients to provide a level of service that recognizes reduced budgets and personnel while while continuing to provide quality Inspection services.

A stacked rig is going to have issues. Identifying those issues and mitigating the risks of equipment failure and downtime should be done…. in every case, for every rig, onshore or offshore.

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Todd Geddie - VP Land Operations North America
Charlotte Kelly – Business Development Manager

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