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IRIIS Management Team

Lee Hardin
Principal Advisor

Lee brings over 25 years of professional experience to the team. Lee’s career began in the U.S. Navy as a Submarine Sonar Technician. During a shipyard refurbishment, he was trained as a QA/QC inspector for the Navy’s Sound Silencing program. Identifying and producing solutions for U.S. Navy nuclear submarines to keep them invisible to sonar of other ships became his responsibility.

Following honorable discharge from the Navy, he transitioned into the Dynamic Positioning discipline of the oil and gas industry. He has been involved in numerous new-construction and refurbishment projects from dynamically positioned deep-water drilling semi-submersibles, dive and work boats, to pipe-lay barges. Working in maintenance departments, as well as marine departments and holding merchant mariner documents, he has been a team member, a supervisor and an industry leader. As a DP/Electrical Inspector on shipyard projects and conducting rig inspections, Lee was instrumental in introducing and managing the new Dynamic Positioning division for his company.

With a vision of creating a safer, more informed industry, Lee is a champion of safety, mentorship, training and internship programs, adding value to IRIIS’s objective of providing solutions for success. Lee and his wife, Patrice, live in the beautiful Texas hill country with their children.

Steve Corcoran
Senior Vice President
Principal Advisor

Steve brings over 25 years of professional experience in the marine, engineering and oil and gas fields. Steve began his career in the U.S. Navy, where he served 11 years in the gas turbine maintenance and operations field as a plank owner onboard a guided missile cruiser, followed by two tours working with the Navy’s cutting edge LCAC hovercraft program. During his time in the Navy, Steve qualified as Engineering Officer of the Watch, LCAC Engineer, field calibration coordinator, QA/QC inspector and supervisor, as well as serving on engineering plant and damage control casualty training teams and the engineering troubleshooting training team for the west coast. He was the recipient of an award for leading a team that independently developed an innovative new method of re-coating worn LCAC lift fan blades, saving the Navy a projected annual amount of $700,000, as well as increasing useful blade life by 50%.

Following his Navy service, Steve returned to school with studies in organic chemistry, biochemistry and computer science. He then accepted a position offshore in the workboat industry where we worked his way up to Chief Engineer (limited oceans) on ECO’s large state-of-the-art DP anchor-handling vessels. He pursued and acquired his upper level U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) license working on a variety of research vessels, pipe laying and construction ships, tankers, car carriers, pre-positioned ammunition ships and finally, dynamically-positioned semi-submersible drill rigs and drill ships, where he earned his license as a Chief Engineer (unlimited).

Steve was then recruited by an international risk management company to conduct rig inspections. Following these successful years of significant offshore experience, he and several colleagues founded IRIIS, a veteran group of motivated, like-minded individuals.

Steve serves on the ASTM technical committees for Ships and Marine Technology, Oil and Hazardous Substances Spill Response and Machinery and Piping Systems. He is also an active member of the American Society for Quality and the American Society of Non-Destructive Testing. Additionally, he is a member, in good standing of American Association of Drilling Engineers, Canadian Association of Drilling Engineers, Society of Petroleum Engineers, Society of American Military Engineers, American Society of Naval Engineers, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and American Institute of Chemical Engineers.

Steve and his wife, Pam, reside in Florida where they raise American quarter horses and Beefmaster cattle. In their rare down time, they both enjoy restoring old farm equipment or fishing in the surrounding lakes, rivers and bay.

Todd Geddie
Vice President
Land Rig Operations

Todd has ten years’ experience in Marketing and Managing Land Rig Inspection Services as well as Process Safety Management and Risk Based Maintenance & Inspection Services.

Prior to joining IRIIS, he was the Canadian Marketing Manager for a global Risk Management and Rig Inspection company specializing in reducing NPT (Non-Productive Time) caused by mechanical and safety issues common to land-based drilling rigs.

Todd has over 25 years’ experience in the Oil and Gas industry that also includes a number of years in the Pipeline Corrosion Assessment and Mitigation areas.

Charlotte Kelly
Business Development Manager
Charlotte brings to the table 35 years of oil and gas industry experience. She began her career with Global Marine Drilling and became the 2nd employee for their turnkey business, Applied Drilling Technology, Inc. (ADTI). After 3 years committed to the drilling contractor side of the business, she moved to Amoco International Oil Company, where she utilized her administrative initiative to support their Africa and Middle East operations in Gabon, Egypt, Somalia, Kenya and later the UAE and operations in the Seychelles. Emergency evacuation planning and working as liaison with the U.S. State Department and Amoco’s international security divisions laid the groundwork for her studies in law enforcement. She was the first person to debrief the single Amoco drilling superintendent who escaped from the hijacked TWA Flight 847 terrorist attempt in 1985, and she maintained direct communications with Amoco personnel, under attack in Somalia, until their successful escape.

Charlotte graduated from the University of Houston Criminal Justice Center via Amoco’s educational assistance program, and continued her work at Amoco while also working as a police officer for Harris County, simultaneously. She earned the Sergeant of the Year Award for Harris County in 1991, and retired from law enforcement at lieutenant rank in felony apprehension in 1996.

Her dedication and interest in the oilfield continued within the realm of independent third party inspection services, and close client interface, which she employs on behalf of IRIIS, LLC.
Charlotte lives in west Harris County with her 112 pound German Shepherd and is the proud grandmother of a grandson and granddaughter. She spends free time volunteering at the VA Hospital complex in Houston.

Captain Natalie Rivera Benavent
Marine Manager

Natalie is a Texas Maritime Academy graduate who has spent nearly 15 years working on various types of commercial vessels all over the world. 

Her exposure early on to Dynamic Positioning Systems has evolved into a career in training, mentoring and troubleshooting  Kongsberg DP systems. Since leaving her post as  Master of a pipe lay vessel, she has worked as a vessel auditor and developer of the MDAT. She has traveled extensively to provide newbuild QA support during the various stages of construction in foreign and domestic shipyards in Galveston, Singapore, China and South Korea. 

Natalie enjoys experiencing the high desert outdoors where she resides with her husband and two dogs. She offers bilingual support to various local charities and loves to cook for friends. 

Chief Engineer William “Bill” Kelly
Engineering Manager

Bill is originally from a mill town in Northern Maine. After high school he continued to work in construction building power plants and as a carpenter as he had when not busy playing football. After a short time he decided to put himself through Maine Maritime Academy where he graduated cum laude with a B.S. in Marine Engineering and the highest grade on the engineering license examination. He has sailed on many vessels worldwide associated with the Oil and Gas industry. The bulk of his time was spent on heavy lift pipe laying and drill ships. He has experience with DP and conventional propulsion systems as well as semi-submersible units and ships. Most recently, he served as unlimited Chief Engineer on a heavy lift semi-submersible vessel working in the Asia Pacific and Middle East/India regions. Bill is passionate about safety, environment, machinery, maintenance systems, and manning. He enjoys challenges large and small, on the water or in a shipyard. He is also an accredited OVID inspector.

Bill now lives on the coast of Maine with his wife, two sons, and a dog. As an avid outdoorsman he enjoys hunting, fishing, ATV'ing, and camping with his family. He is still a practicing carpenter.

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