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Commercial Enhancement:
    IRIIS possesses the tools and experience to streamline the fiscal efficiency of your project in ways that allow you to increase benefit with less expenditure (Do more with less). We pioneered Commercial Enhancement Advantage methodology used in the shipbuilding industry.
Project Management:
    One of our greatest strengths is our ability to operate outside of the normal contextual roles that naturally occur within any project. Our clients put great value in our capacity to strengthen their project management capability through experienced advisory supplementation.
Engineering Due Diligence:
    IRIIS retains a team of experienced discipline experts who can provide the full range of engineering due diligence for your project, including engineering design review, design verification, document review, requirements validation, technical analyses, etc.
FAT & Commissioning:
    Successful validation of equipment is an imperative step in assuring the functional quality of your asset. You therefore want to make sure that FAT & commissioning efforts are handled as expertly as possible. IRIIS is experienced in managing the entire FAT & commissioning process from program oversight all the way down to the finest of procedural detail and witness of each test.
Punch Tracking and Closure:
    One of the most daunting tasks of any new-build project is that of discrepancy management. If not controlled effectively, punch items grow into an unmanageable inventory of problems over the course of a project not easily solved between Owner and Builder. To help resolve this impasse to project success, IRIIS has developed a process (Punch Killer) that helps our clients track, resolve and close items of discrepancy more effectively.
System Integration Integrity Assurance:
    One of the most problematic issues of newly delivered drilling rigs is that of integration between dissimilar systems. Numerous new-build drilling rigs have been delivered with issues involving system integration that were not fully validated. These problems have caused tens of millions of dollars in lost revenue per rig. This type of risk need not apply to your next asset delivery. IRIIS provides a suite of services tailored specifically to assure the functional integrity of system integration.
Integrity Assurance Inspection:
    Verification of your construction project through eyes-on inspection is a necessary due diligence activity for every new-build vessel Owner. The challenge in performing this activity is that Owners must rely on the shipyard’s system to enter and track punch items and then rely on the shipyard ‘system’ to resolve each issue. This can cause extreme comprise in construction quality, as well as cause delays in delivery schedule. IRIIS was forged on our ability to deliver unmatched inspection services. Our oversight of your inspection activities, coupled with our “Punch Killer” application adds value to your project by helping to track and close punches more effectively.
Vendor Oversight:
    Shipyards rely on 3rd party vendors to provide specialized equipment and services outside of the shipyard’s core competency, usually involving the most sensitive and important systems installed on the vessel. The challenge for Owners, who have no authority or control over these vendors, is to gain a higher level of insight and collaboration with these 3rd parties in order to be assured of a higher quality outcome. IRIIS is experienced at managing shipyard vendor quality and discrepancy resolution.
Client Interface Management:
    Whether you are a Rig Owner or Oil company contracting a drilling rig, the relationship between the two parties needs to be managed efficiently to secure the most effective outcome. Contractual, technical assurances must be fully understood and executed with expert precision to avoid misunderstandings, cost overruns and schedule delays. IRIIS is experience in providing effective Client Interface methodologies.
Client 3rd Party Management:
    One of the most overlooked and misunderstood aspects of the new-build construction process, especially from the Shipyard Builder perspective, is that of Client 3rd party equipment considerations. IRIIS employs dedicated experts that are specifically experienced in providing successful oversight and technical solutions tailored for this specialized set of project challenges.
Post Delivery Program Development & Oversight:
    The vast majority of current day new-build projects are turn-key and bound by the contractual build specification of the Shipyard. As such, many Owners and Owner Clients desire to make further validations through testing and/or additional modifications designed to upgrade the capability of the vessel upon delivery. The goal of all post-delivery parties is to go on contract as soon as possible. It is therefore crucial that a post delivery program be planned and executed with expert precision. IRIIS is well experienced in providing all aspects of a successful post delivery program.
Project Risk Avoidance:
    FMEA Oversight

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